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I personally think that some form of resistance/strength training is important in any exercise program. If you are looking for an exercise program you have to consider four potential problems that could prevent you from achieving your goal: time, boredom, convenience, soreness and motivation.  Do I have to spend 45 minutes or more 3 days per week in order to get the results I want? Do I have to keep adding repetitions to my exercises as I get stronger? Do I have to join a gym or club in order to exercise, which may be inconvenient time and travel wise? Will I be so sore after one or two days that I can't move? Will I be motivated to continue this exercise program?

I work with people who can't walk, jog or run; people with bad backs, people in wheelchairs, people who can't get down on the floor to exercise; children, adults, amateur and professional athletes. As a result of trying to find one program that fits almost everyone I personally recommend the Isorobic exercise program. It combines the concept of Isometrics (static contraction to quickly fatigue the muscles); Isotonics (movement against resistance); Variable Isokinetics (ability to control speed and resistance); and Aerobics (increasing heart efficiency).

The isorobic program is very safe, including those people with bad backs, and basic exercises can be done standing or sitting. If you are interested in looking and feeling better, reducing body fat while increasing lean muscle mass (which burns calories like crazy) and flexibility, want to make your back stronger (without lifting), want a tight firm rear end and tight firm legs, here is the program I recommend for you.

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